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Secure online banking
Banque Populaire Méditerranée would like you to be able to perform all your transactions securely, whether at your branch, by telephone or on the Internet.

That is why online banking security is a priority for the Banque Populaire.

As a Customer, you also have an active role to play in ensuring that data that you exchange with us is completely secure.
Here is some action that we are taking to ensure that your data is secure, and some recommendations for you on using our services securely.

Resources deployed by the Banque Populaire
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Our online banking service is a secure website. All consultations and transactions that you carry out are encrypted, using SSL protocols, as soon as you have entered your username/subscriber number and your confidential code.

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Important : To browse the site securely, you need to configure your browser in line with the site's security requirements (SSL encryption 128 bits or above).

Strengthen protection of your personal data
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To log on :

  • Do not use a link contained in an email. Enter the website URL directly in your browser or store it as a favourite, 
  • Ensure that your Internet connection with your bank is secure or ).

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Use the "Quit" button to log out

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When you have finished consulting your accounts, use the "Quit" button to ensure that you have logged off.

Manage your password Blank - BPMED Monaco

  • When you receive your password, change it when you first connect to the service and destroy the letter that you received,
  • Create a password that you can remember easily but avoid passwords that you already use for other services (email for example),
  • Remember your password, don't write it down and don't give it to anybody else,
  • Change your password regularly,
  • For security reasons, we recommend that you do not keep your username and password on your computer, even if your browser offers to remember it for you.
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Protect your computer

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  • Protect your computer from viruses by using antivirus software that is upgraded regularly,
  • Protect your Internet connection by using a software firewall that will only allow authorized programs to access the Internet,
  • Upgrade your operating system regularly as suggested by your computer.

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To avoid fraudulent use
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Be very careful about emails that you receive which seem to come from the Banque Populaire. Some hackers or fraudsters may try to abuse your trust by sending you an email asking you to enter personal data (bank card number, username / online banking password) on a dummy website which looks like the Banque Populaire site.

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Be aware !
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- Check the date and time of the last time you logged on to the online banking service,
- Check your accounts regularly and check the latest transactions.

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