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The BPCE Group
The Banque Populaire network has 7,800,000 clients and customers (including 3,800,000 members), more than 3,300 branches, and is part of the no. 2 French banking group – the BPCE Group.

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Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne have joined forces to create the no. 2 French banking group with 35 million clients and customers, 9 million members and 100,000 staff. The BPCE Group is a major financial partner for private individuals, companies and the economy at large, and offers a comprehensive range of banking, financial and property services. It maintains the co-operative values of the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne banks, and relies on its networks to promote an enterprising and socially responsible company.

The Banque Populaire network is driven by a strong set of shared values and seeks to combine solid operational performance with an ongoing concern for society as a whole. It is made up of 14 regional Banque Populaire banks, CASDEN Banque Populaire, Crédit Coopératif and Crédit Maritime. These banks are independent and offer the whole range of banking and insurance services close to their clients and customers.
The Banque Populaire network has always encouraged enterprise and offers both general and specialised services for each of its markets. It brings together the know-how of its various organisations to offer an extensive range of products.

This combined expertise makes it a key player across areas as varied as :

- private pension funds,
- credit insurance and factoring for companies,
- the social economy, electronic banking and franchise financing for retailers,
- small business start-ups and takeovers.